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Our mission – A well-kept campground for a healthy environment

  • Two sanitary blocks

    Two sanitary blocks

  • Sanitary block No. 1

    Sanitary block No. 1

  • Sanitary block No. 2

    Sanitary block No. 2

  • Clean restrooms

    Clean restrooms

  • Please recycle your waste

    Please recycle your waste

  • Pristine nature

    Pristine nature

  • “Green, how I want you green”

    “Green, how I want you green”

Two sanitary blocksSanitary block No. 1Sanitary block No. 2Clean restroomsPlease recycle your wastePristine nature“Green, how I want you green”


  • Triglav National Park: we take care of keeping the surroundings clean and tidy.
  • Hygiene: two large sanitary blocks.
  • Warm water: showers with unlimited warm water.
  • Clean dishes: a number of wash basins for laundry and dishes.
  • Clean laundry: coin-operated washing machines and tumble dryers.
  • Waste management: recycling bins.

Our campground is located in the Triglav National Park, which just so happens to be the only nature park in Slovenia. As we are required to preserve the pristine nature, we strive to keep our campground and its surroundings clean and tidy. We recycle, so you are requested to dispose of your waste by using the appropriate recycling bins.


The campground features two large sanitary blocks with showers, toilets, sinks and wash basins for laundry and dishes. Washing machines and tumble dryers are also available.

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