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Fresh bread and fragrant pastries await you every morning. You are also invited for coffee or tea at our bar. There are several restaurants near the camp. Additional possibility to rent a fireplace with firewood for a more pleasant evening. Fires are allowed in the camp in the evening, so you have the possibility to rent a fireplace with firewood. You will also find a wide range of local products such as: cheeses from various local farmers, honey, cosmetics and jewellery.

Sanitary facilities and laundry room: in the camp
Internet: mobile internet coverage and the option to purchase Wi-Fi access
Purchase of basic necessities: in the camp
Purchase of wood and rental of fireplaces: in the camp
Bar: in the camp
Bread and pastries: every morning
Beach: Soča river, in the immediate vicinity of the camp
Children’s playground: in the camp
Grocery store: 2 km
Bicycle rental: 8 km
Additional recreation: outdoor fitness
Parking and charging station for electric vehicles: in the camp
additional information: information screens

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