How to get to us?

For vehicles with trailers the most suitable route is via Predil Pass

  • From the Austrian direction: Villach (Beljak) – Tarvisio (Trbiž) – Predilpass (Predel) – Bovec.
  • From the Italian direction: Videm (Udine) – Trbiž (Tarvisio) – Predel – Bovec.
  • From the Slovenian direction: Kranjska Gora –Tarvisio (Trbiž) – Predil Pass (Predel) – Bovec.
  • The route over the Vršič Pass (Vršič) is also possible with a car.
(Kranjska Gora – Vršičpass (Vršič) – Trenta – Soča). .

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